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9 Things to Consider to Choose a WordPress Theme

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Every website wishes for a perfect theme. WordPress offers hundreds of themes and designs to choose from. The WordPress theme you choose must be impressive, must have all the features you wish for, and must be high-quality. Several customization options are available for WordPress themes. However, you will have to ensure some things when you choose a theme for your website. Here are the most important things you must look for in a WordPress theme.

  • Minimalist and simple design

Some WordPress themes have complicated layouts, colors, sliders, animations, and so on. There can be occasions when you need them, however, in most instances, you will require only one or two of them. Find a theme that supports your goal. It has to be impressive along with being simple and user-friendly.

  • Customization options

The WordPress theme you choose must offer easy customization options. Even when you can find a demo that is ideal for you, you will need to add some changes to match it with your brand. Some themes offer more customization possibilities than others. Therefore, look for a theme that will allow you to customize the parts you require on your site.

  • Impressive and responsive

Today people use their mobile devices to enter a website. Therefore, the WordPress theme you choose must be impressive on mobile devices too. Most WordPress themes are responsive. However, it does not mean that the design is also responsive. Therefore, preview the design you choose on all the screen sizes.

  • Frequent updations and good quality codebase

Beyond the design, your website must load faster. Therefore, choose a WordPress theme that is constantly updated with new features and security. Your WordPress theme size will have an impact on the performance and speed of your website. Use a website speed test to find how long the theme takes to load.

  • Support for plugins

While selecting a WordPress theme, it will manage the design and the WordPress plugins will be handling extra functionalities. These plugins will allow you to carry out giveaways, generate contact forms, and generate leads. Most WordPress themes are compatible with plugins. But if there are too many plugins, it may cause WordPress errors.

  • Good reviews and ratings

The quality of a WordPress theme can be identified by its reviews and ratings. There will be stars given by the users on the theme page. Under each star, you can get a detailed review. The themes sold on other marketplaces will also have reviews and testimonials to find the quality and performance of the theme.

  • Excellent customer support team

Even a skilled developer will sometimes need some help while using WordPress themes. According to the themes you select, you will get various support options. Premium themes offer help through their help desk or customer support. People using free themes must check the WordPress.org listing page of the theme to find the strength of the support team.

  • SEO optimization

The WordPress theme you choose has a significant role to play in your website SEO. Even if your theme looks good, there is no guarantee that is good with its HTML coding. It may affect your SEO rankings. Try to choose a fast-loading, lightweight theme to ensure decent SEO rankings.

  • Ability to translate into various languages

The audience of your website may be speaking some other language. If you want to translate your website, look for themes with Translation Ready options. You may also use a WordPress Translation Plugin to translate into the language you prefer,