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10 Don’ts in a WordPress Web Design

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The aesthetic sense of people varies. One design may not please everybody. There are no defined rules for creating a website. The only rule to follow is to keep the design simple. Experts always suggest using simple, minimalistic, and clean designs. A website that has many things going on simultaneously will not get the appreciation of the users. Too many things on a website can take away the user experience. Here are some things you must not follow in creating a WordPress web design.

  • Many distracting colors

People have a taste for colors and their preferences change from person to person. But, it does not mean that you must satisfy all the users by adding all the colors to your website. Try to include a maximum of 2-4 colors on your website.

  • Complicated navigation

You may have interesting and good-quality content on your website. But users get frustrated if your navigation is difficult. If people find it difficult to find the things they are searching for on your website, they will leave immediately.

  • Information cluttered on the home page

The main purpose of your home page must be to encourage the visitors to take the action you expect from them. Don’t try to clutter your home page with unnecessary information. Your homepage must guide them to the spot they look for.

  • Sliders and fast animations

Flash animations no longer impress people. Even Google hates websites with flash animations. Nowadays, sliders are replacing flash animations. However, many people hate them too. It is better to avoid them on your website.

  • Difficult fonts

The font you use on your website must not make it difficult for people to read the content on your site. It is good to use cute fonts for your headings and subheadings. But, don’t use them in your content.

  • Too many features

Your website must not be cluttered with many features. Even if these features are useful, they will affect the speed and performance of your site. Therefore, you must try to control your urge to include all the features on your website.

  • Spending more on hosting

Many website owners pay a lot for services that they do not need. As there are many hosting providers, it is hard for users to pick a provider without paying more. Find the features you cannot avoid on your website and pay only for them.

  • Not considering Google Analytics

If you want your website to perform well, you need data analytics. Therefore, Google Analytics is inevitable for a WordPress website. It can offer you more information on browser interactions, visitor data, site performance, etc.

  • No white space

Your website design has to be well-organized. For that, you need more blank space on your website. If there is more white space, your visitors can perceive more information from your website.

  • Non-responsive website

People tend to avoid websites that are not responsive on their mobile devices. Therefore, users must choose premium WordPress themes that are more responsive. Your website must easily adapt to modern mobile devices.